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"God Forbid"

"God Forbid," or its more positive companion, "God Willing," are commonly used phrases that generally describe a negative, or positive, outcome.  "God Forbid I should die tonight" or "God Willing, Mom will be around in a year."

This site's founding team is not comprised of theologians but we all do share a firm belief in God, who as we all know, often works in "mysterious ways."  At the risk of wading into others' religious beliefs, we'd like to gently remind that God does not always Forbid, nor is He always Willing.

We don't all get to live past 100.  Sometimes, family members are taken from us too soon and often, without warning.  So as you browse our site - which we have tried to make as uplifting as possible - please consider the following questions:

If I Pass Away Tonight (God Forbid)...


  • Who...

    • Does my family call?​

    • Retrieves my body?

    • Makes my final arrangements?

    • Is the main coordinator of things?

    • Does the funeral, cremation, entombment or burial?

    • Pays for everything?

  • Where...

    • Do they take my body?​

    • Do they hold my service and/or gathering?

    • ​Is my final resting place?​

  • Do they Know...

    • What I want my Memorial to be?​

    • How I'd like my Gathering to go?

    • Whom I'd like to talk about me?

    • Whether I want...

      • Ground burial?​

      • Above Ground?

      • Inurnment?

    • How to Pay for it? (Can they pay for it?)

    • Where my Bank & other Records Are?

    • Where my Insurance Policy/ies) is/are?

    • How to Access my Safe Deposit Box?

    • Who I'd like at my Gathering?

    • What songs I'd like played?

    • Whether I'd like Open or Closed casket?

    • Know my Favorite flowers?

    • Know my favorite religious readings?

    • Know how to pay next month's bills?

    • Know what I'd like on my marker or monument

    • Know who will take care of my pets?

    • Know How I Wish to be Remembered?

If your idea of advance planning is "I'm just going to be cremated," you are likely setting your loved ones up for confusion, emotional difficulty, and a lifetime of wondering, "Did we do what Mom would have wanted?"  You will also likely force them to emotionally overspend and/or argue over who needs to pay the bill (in full and in advance, by the way).  Instead, PLEASE...  

You may delay but time will not.  ~ Benjamin Franklin

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