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New Jersey's Best Funeral Facility

We are pleased to provide our client families with access to New Jersey's most affordable Funeral Home services. Contact Us to learn how overspending for overpriced burial vaults, caskets and funeral services does not honor the deceased any more than saving thousands on them does.  In fact, departed loved ones always want to leave a larger legacy, not a smaller one; saving money on final expenses ensures that wish is met.

New Jersey's own Funeral Directors Association's 2017 price survey shows the Typical cost of funeral home services to be $8,659 (see below).

We have negotiated pricing at a high-end, experienced (since 1933) funeral home, that wishes to remain anonymous on this site, for our families that does all that's listed below for $2,985.

Yes, you read that correctly: Our client families pay less than HALF the typical cost!

Which would you prefer?  Paying $8,659 on average or $2,985?  For the same services, professionally and compassionately handled?  Would your heirs, charity or religious organization prefer to receive $5,600+ more or would they prefer you to waste it on overpriced service?  Contact us today to learn how we can offer our families such dramatic savings!

We offer similar dramatic savings for families opting for Cremation.  

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