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 cremation services

New Jersey's #1 Crematory

We are pleased to provide our client families with access to New Jersey's most affordable cremation services, in cooperation with NJ's largest crematory. Contact Us to learn how overspending for overpriced burial vaults, caskets and funeral services does not honor the deceased any more than saving thousands on them does.  In fact, departed loved ones always want to leave a larger legacy, not a smaller one; saving money on final expenses ensures that The Departed's wishes are met.

New Jersey's own Funeral Directors Association's (NJSFDA) 2017 price survey shows the Typical cost of funeral home services to be $8,659 (see here) and that really does not change just because an urn containing cremated remains is used instead of a casket.

Much like we have arranged for services from New Jersey's best funeral home, Memorial Planning families have access to the State's largest crematory.  The NJSFDA lists the cost of the "typical" NJ cremation to be $12,230 (here, page 2) but there are many discounted services out there for less.  We have listed our contact's cremation pricing for various levels of service below. Again, excellent service for less!   Contact us today to learn how we can offer our families such dramatic savings!


We offer access to similar dramatic savings for families opting for Full Funerals with Ground Burial or Entombment.

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