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Hello, we're dedicated to helping families minimize the inevitable emotional pain over the death of a Loved One and promote healing.  Pre-planning Final Arrangements helps families avoid the frequent emotional overspending that comes from waiting until it's too late to prepare ahead financially.  This educational website was conceived by professionals in the funeral, cemetery and financial fields who want to bring transparency and affordability to end of life planning.

WE ARE NOT FUNERAL DIRECTORS.  We consult with funeral directors throughout New Jersey but Memorial Planning performs no funeral services, burials or cremations.  We are a free educational service of the 501(C)3 Retirement Dream Foundation (HERE) and our representatives offer affordable ways to advance plan and advance fund End of Life services in ways that dignity and respect without breaking the bank.  Overpaying does not honor your loved one any more than paying less does - what's important is the quality of care you receive and how much is left as a Legacy to family, charity or other institutions.  Paying less allows your Loved One to live on via their contribution to future generations.

We can help you save on funeral planning, cremation and burial options throughout the State of New Jersey.

Planning one's Final Arrangements is clearly not as much fun as planning a Disney vacation with the kids or grandkids - but it's easier than you think! - and once done, it provides your Loved Ones with a gift they will have forever, you with a means to stop inflation in its tracks and your entire family Peace of Mind.

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